Millions of people actively use this live-streaming service every month. But why is Twitch using so much CPU? The reason behind Twitch’s high CPU usage is usually an equally high resolution that ends up disturbing the ratio between quality and performance. We bet the next thing on your mind is finding out exactly what CPU … Read more

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Feature image for how to enable cookies in Chrome Incognito.

If you’re wondering how to not accept cookies on websites, Chrome has a great option for private browsing that makes it easy for you to block third-party cookies in Incognito. By default, the Incognito mode does not save browsing history, cookies, site data, or information entered in forms. Speaking of that, you may also choose … Read more

Too many redirects on Chrome: Try out these fixes

The too many redirects error is caused by two or more conflicting rules that prevent content delivery. So why does ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS occur? In short, this happens when one URL points to another which ends up pointing right back to the first. As a result, the infamous redirection loop is created, causing your browser to display … Read more

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Feature image for Brave Browser vs Chrome vs Edge.

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Feature image for how to hide bookmarks in Chrome Incognito.

Chrome’s Incognito mode allows users to privately surf the web without saving data like browser history and cookies. But can you bookmark in Incognito? As a matter of fact, you can. Bookmarks are still visible in Incognito and any bookmarks saved while browsing privately will be remembered. But when privacy kicks in, one might want … Read more

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How do I enable Bitwarden extension

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