internet explorer has stopped trying to restore this website

Some Internet Explorer users have posted on Microsoft’s support forum about a recover webpage error. According to official sources, when a website causes a failure or crash, Internet Explorer attempts to restore the site. It stops after two tries to avoid an endless loop. We’ve seen browsers trying to bypass loops before. For instance, sometimes browsers get … Read more

If your browser failed to initialize WebGL, you’d find it difficult to run 3D graphics games on the web. While the error is more common in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, it can impact all major browsers. If you’re wondering what browser supports WebGL, you’re in for a quick answer. WebGL is supported in most … Read more

opera-big best browser for adults

Wondering what the best browser for adults is? You’ve come to the right place as we will talk about the 7 safest and most private browsers to use when you’re not up for being tracked online. Despite the fact that Chrome is by far the most popular web browser on the planet, there are techniques … Read more

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best browser for kaios

The best KaiOS browser must be the safest one around but it should also focus on cutting back on battery and data consumption. So, agility is key and that’s what we’re going to deliver. So, does KaiOS have a web browser? If you’re already familiar with this Linux-generated mobile OS, you probably know KaiOS comes … Read more

Despite its resource-saving infrastructure, you can occasionally struggle with Brave high CPU usage or memory leak issues. If you want to know how to make Brave use less RAM and/or CPU, turning off resource-hogging features such as hardware acceleration or running background apps is a good place to start. Brave browser is designed to run … Read more

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Feature image for Brave Browser vs Chrome vs Edge.

The main difference between Brave, Edge, and Chrome has everything to do with security and the first one clearly spares no efforts to provide a safer, end-to-end private web experience to its users. When it comes to Brave vs Edge or Chrome benchmarks such as RAM usage, battery life but also design, and customization tend … Read more

First things first: can the Nvidia Shield browse the Internet? Definitely. And now that we got that out of the way, let us show you how to get an Internet browser on Nvidia Shield. Can you install apps on Nvidia Shield? It all comes down to the firmware and what OS Nvidia Shield runs. And … Read more