taskmanager-w11-big can't uninstall browser assistant

Browser Assistant comes up in connection to malware, viruses, Trojans, and all kinds of other unwanted programs. But what is it, really? What is Browser Assistant – that’s the first big question we will be tackling today. So, if you want to know what is Browser Assistant by Realistic Media, you’ve come to the right … Read more

Fix Discord Messages Failed to Load

Today’s topic is about the Discord VoIP social platform and a highly unpleasant issue reported by users: Discord messages failing to load. Anyone can run into this recurrent issue on Discord, so you might need to stay updated with our leads on how to solve it on your own device. More so, this error may … Read more

Feature image for 5 best browsers for io games.

What is the best worm IO game? With Wormate.io rising in popularity, we have a detached winner. Thus, finding the best IO games is not hard at all. But what about finding the right web browser for IO games? Or a good Wormate.io extension? It’s essential to have reliable tools at hand and that’s where … Read more

netflix error code t1 (r1-u7135-1935-205005)

Netflix displays error messages whenever there’s something wrong with the online streaming service. Sorry, there was a problem communicating with Netflix. please try again. (t1) (r1-u7135-1935-205005) is one such error and it keeps coming back. Thankfully, most errors – including this one – are accompanied by a code that you can use to look up … Read more

Chromebooks are great for education because they’re affordable and secure by design. However, if you’re looking for more flexibility, alternative browsers for a school Chromebook are worth taking a closer look at. Chromebooks are computers that run on a lightweight operating system called Chrome OS. It’s based on the open-source Chromium project and uses the … Read more

The Best AI Search Engines

This year has brought us notable advances in AI. There’s no surprise that finding the best AI search engine is a hot topic for almost anyone now. Since ChatGPT started to change the way we search online, other big actors joined the scene with intelligent products designed to help users to find answers to their … Read more

For some time now, YouTube removed the Dislike button and changed its UI in order to secure content creators from dislike counts. As you may know, not every user was happy with this decision and they required the return of the dislike button. The officials from YouTube communicated that the Dislike button will remain suspended … Read more

Best Web3 Search Engine

Web3 is the new talk in town regarding browsers and search engine evolution. Mainly, this concept entails new network protocols and a fresh infrastructure that will shape a new phase of the web. Alongside this new Internet project, users can already choose different ways of browsing that include web3 online infrastructure arrangements. So, what does … Read more

can lockdown browser record you without permission

The Lockdown Browser is a reliable resource for e-learning activities that can help any student or teacher to record exam sessions. Apparently, many people are curious about the security that comes with this browser and ask if it can monitor their online behavior during exams. So, does Lockdown Browser record your screen? How about your … Read more

Feature image for best browsers for Zoom.

In recent years, Zoom has become an essential part of everyday routine for everyone, from students to full-time employees. Naturally, there is an app available, but… Can you do a Zoom meeting in browser? But you can also attend a meeting without downloading anything and this is especially useful for occasional users. The good news … Read more