Feature image for how to enable cookies in Chrome Incognito.

Chrome Incognito is a great option for browsing the internet privately. Incognito mode does not save browsing history, cookies, site data, or information entered in forms. However, some users want to allow cookies in Chrome Incognito. Many people prefer private browsing because it prevents trackers and protects browsing data. Check out our guide for a … Read more

Feature image for how to hide bookmarks in Chrome Incognito.

Chrome Incognito mode allows users to privately surf the web without saving data like browser history and cookies. However, bookmarks are still visible in Incognito mode and any bookmarks saved while browsing privately will be remembered. Bookmarks made in Incognito mode are not separate from bookmarks made in normal browsing mode; however, some extensions can … Read more

YouTube is a popular video streaming service that allows people to watch videos on the Internet. It’s free, but you have to deal with interruptions and buffering once in a while. There’s nothing more frustrating than watching a video and having it constantly buffer. It could be an interrupted Internet connection or too many programs … Read more

If you’ve ever tried watching a video on YouTube and found yourself not only struggling to hear it but also feeling like your speakers are broken, then you’re not alone. This can be annoying, especially when trying to watch videos with friends or family members.  Sometimes, you may find you have loosely connected your output … Read more

Chrome Youtube’s fullscreen glitch is one of the most annoying issues with the video platform. The problem occurs when you use Chrome as your browser to watch videos on Youtube. The video starts playing normally and then it freezes for a few seconds before loading. Most users reported that this happens every time you try … Read more

When using the Google Chrome browser on an iPhone, you may encounter the Sign-in error 206. The error occurs when trying to access a website and then shows a login screen. This error can occur for several reasons, including when the user does not provide complete Gmail account information or a bug after updating Chrome. … Read more

Couldn't load the plugin on Chrome [Solved]

Chrome and many other web browsers rely on plugins in order to work properly, but sometimes certain issues with plugins can appear. According to some users, they couldn’t load plugins on Chrome, and usually, this error occurs on Windows 10. Most often, it is caused by either the obsolete Flash plugin or the PDF plugin. So here, … Read more

Fix: Checking Your Browser Before Accessing stuck / loop

Sometimes while browsing the web you might notice that you get stuck on Checking your browser before accessing messages on certain websites. Usually, this issue can appear due to some specific limitations that block your IP address, country, and origin from accessing certain websites on your browser. In these terms, you have to consider adjusting your … Read more

Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request [Fixed]

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing site in the world. It’s accessed by millions of users every day that upload and search all sorts of video content. Thus, we can say it’s one of the biggest search engines, too. YouTube was created in 2005, and in October 2006 Google acquired it and transformed it into the giant that … Read more


Google Chrome is by far one of the most used browsers out there, and there’s not even worth debating that, as numbers speak for themselves. Sure, some of us use Opera, Brave, Firefox, or Edge, but Chrome has remained a user favorite throughout the years, even though it’s not at all a light app when … Read more