how to Stop Opera GX from Opening on startup

If you are a fan of Opera GX, you must have installed it and met launching issues like Opera GX auto startup. You needn’t worry as we’ll show you exactly how to stop Opera GX from opening on startup. Various users reported this browser trouble on their devices and asked for more support. Luckily, that’s … Read more

opera financial

2023 Update:👉 Having established that Opera was off to go a good start last year, we become even more curious about its evolution throughout 2022, beyond the first quarter. Not so long ago we were wondering if Opera’s rankings and rating will manage to pull off the seemingly impossible and touch the company’s ambitious financial … Read more

How to export bookmarks from the Opera browser

Bookmarking your favorite pages and web resources for later use or study is pretty handy especially if you want to avoid cluttering too many tabs in one window. Or not to lose important information, for that matter. One of the details that make users think twice when switching or adopting a new browser is the fear of losing … Read more

install opera on roku tv

As our research showed, Roku’s popularity has grown since it was introduced to provide users with access to online streaming media content. However, Roku offers only a limited number of features when it comes to users’ browsing experience. This kind of device doesn’t offer a dedicated web browser. That’s why many users are interested in discovering how … Read more