How to fix Firefox screen tearing

If you reached our page, then the Firefox screen is tearing when scrolling webpages. Sometimes, it looks like a piece of a strip with small squares on it. Other readers experienced an effect where the text, images or both were turning into long vertical streams down the page. There are also cases of Firefox screen … Read more

To this day it’s one of the most popular browsers in the world. But does Firefox drain the battery? It can stretch this resource quite thin, yes, and if you want to reduce Firefox battery usage rates, start by removing complementary modules that add unnecessary bulk. Now, it’s not that Firefox is solely bad at … Read more

Feature image enhanced authentication plugin not working firefox.

VMware Enhanced Authentication Plugin not working issues are unfortunately not uncommon. You can stumble across them on pretty much any modern browser from Chrome to Firefox, Edge, and so on. The theory is simple. This is a vSphere 6.5 release that provides Windows Authentication and smart card functions. However, users report errors. They claim to … Read more

Feature image border radius not working in firefox.

Firefox offers dev tools and a Developer Edition of the browser for users familiar with programming and code. However, users have encountered errors with the border radius not working in Firefox. Keep reading for our quick solutions to this issue. Users report the border radius CSS works fine for browsers like Chrome and Opera, but … Read more

Crunchyroll is a video streaming service where you can watch the latest anime series. It’s the premier website if you want to catch up on Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia. And if you’re in the mood for some older shows, Crunchyroll has a wide collection of anime from the 90s. It’s highly recommended … Read more

Firefox is a great browser, but it can be a bit of a pain when it comes to pop-ups. By default, Firefox doesn’t block pop-ups, which means you can find yourself bombarded with unwanted ads and other annoyances. This is not the only problem associated with the browser as sometimes, Firefox fails to load pages … Read more

We all love things when they work correctly 24/7. But there’s nothing more annoying when they suddenly stop. It has gotten to the point where people are so spoiled by working tech that a bug can feel like the end of the world. This is especially true when it comes to YouTube. A massively popular … Read more

What are the Best Firefox SEO Toolbars

If you’re an SEO specialist, a blogger, or a business website and you want Google to appreciate your efforts, the best Firefox SEO toolbars will turn the browser into a real powerhouse. It’s a strong competition out there but Firefox remains one of the top browsers and a lot of users prefer it for its … Read more

Firefox is a great browser with a lot of features, but it’s not perfect. Sometimes your tabs keep crashing which can stall your work for long periods. When that happens, it can be annoying.  You might be able to get it working again by reinstalling Firefox, but if the problem continues after that, you’ll need … Read more

Firefox is a great privacy-oriented browser, and it’s the browser of choice for many users. However, it seems that some users are having problems with it. According to users, Firefox is not loading pages after an update. This can be a big issue since you won’t be able to visit websites on your PC. If … Read more