how to find old advertisements

If you’re wondering what is Vintage Ad Browser, you’ll be both excited and disappointed at the same time. It’s a special website that hosts a large variety of old printed advertisements. Many people proved to be excited about using it thanks to its impressive archive that encompasses over 100,000 print ads and vintage commercials, neatly … Read more

Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request [Fixed]

What does this mean: 400. that’s an error. your client has issued a malformed or illegal request. that’s all we know? While the causes can vary from an incorrect URL to stale cookies, error 400 bad request basically prevents you from reaching a webpage. Instead of accessing the app’s engine, Google’s servers return this message. … Read more

Couldn't load the plugin on Chrome [Solved]

The meaning behind the error Couldn’t load plugin implies your browser – most of the time, Chrome or Microsoft Edge has an issue with the current plugin selection, usually PDF or Flash. Unfortunately, plugin issues are common and can arise on all modern browsers from Chrome to Edge, and Internet Explorer (see authentification plugins not … Read more

Too many redirects on Chrome: Try out these fixes

The too many redirects error is caused by two or more conflicting rules that prevent content delivery. So why does ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS occur? In short, this happens when one URL points to another which ends up pointing right back to the first. As a result, the infamous redirection loop is created, causing your browser to display … Read more

Fix: Checking Your Browser Before Accessing stuck / loop

Sometimes while browsing the web you might notice that you get stuck on Checking if the site connection is secure messages on certain websites. Usually, this issue can appear due to some specific limitations that block your IP address, country, and origin from accessing certain websites with Cloudflare on your browser. Speaking about that, you can … Read more

convert html document to pdf in browser

If you’re looking for ways to save a certain webpage as a PDF regardless of your browser, make sure you read this guide completely. The world’s Nr.1 document management software is now at a great price so hurry up! Sometimes you need to save a certain webpage to read it later, and many users choose … Read more

Microsoft Edge full-screen mode [Enable, Disable & Fix]

If you’re interested in discovering how to start Microsoft Edge in full-screen mode, you’re in the right place! This article is dedicated to you. Full-screen mode is a feature that most browsers have nowadays, and it allows you better impressiveness in watching YouTube videos, or concentrating on work when using the browser. Of course, how you access … Read more

How to fix inet_e_resource_not_found error [Easy solutions]

The inet_e_resource_not_found error pops up with browser tabs for some Edge users. The inet_e_resource_not_found error message is included under details on Edge’s Can’t reach this page tab. When this browser issue occurs, Edge users can’t open the required page. Some Edge users have stated that the error first emerged after the Creators Update. This is how you can fix … Read more

Camino browser: Here’s everything you need to know

Using the most secure browser became mandatory, especially for those of you who want to get a secure experience and protect your online traffic from any data breaches. The browser market is currently dominated by several major web browsers, but that wasn’t always the case. Camino browser was quite popular on macOS, being preferred by … Read more