Opera GX latest version

So, you have been enjoying using Opera GX, a modified version of the standard Opera browser. It has all those features built within that you would want in any browser. However, it’s important to update Opera GX from time to time to keep potential risks at bay. The makers release frequent updates for security concerns … Read more

Chromium-based browser

Chromium-based browsers are growing immensely, thanks to Chromium which lets developers innovate and build more options. Chromium is a free and open-source web browser project mainly maintained by Google. It serves as the basis of Chrome, a widely-known browser that adds Google services and customizations. However, there are many other lesser-known browsers based on Chromium … Read more

Opera GX browser

Hardware acceleration isn’t a new setting in browsers. It’s been here for more than two decades now and modern browsers like Opera GX enable it by default for a smoother and faster browsing experience. However, you should switch off hardware acceleration if it’s rather troubling you. The setting brings so many things to the table, … Read more

Fix Opera GX VPN not working issue

Opera GX, a special version designed specifically for gamers can encounter several stumbling blocks like VPN not working issues. It’s imperative to get rid of these connectivity issues to continue your private browsing. Opera GX has a free VPN that one can enable with a mere click. The makers added the feature to enhance user … Read more

How to change Opera GX browser sounds

Opera GX offers tons of customization options to elevate your browsing experience. You can try out different mods and even change browser sounds to add a personal touch to your daily driver. Customizing browser sounds is pretty easy as you just have to adjust the settings. This means that you can choose your preferred notification … Read more

Opera GX optimizes your gaming experience, thanks to its inherent features and some special settings. While it’s been crafted especially for gamers, it can essentially be your daily browser as well and it brings a lot to the table. So, make it your default browser and explore some features yourself. Opera GX now integrates AI … Read more

Opera GX Wallpaper Not Working

You customized your Opera GX browser with your favorite wallpaper but it’s not working anymore. The reason can be anything but you can resolve this issue and get back to enjoying the customization. Opera GX is a great browser that offers a lot of customization options. You can set up animated or live wallpaper and … Read more

Opera GX Mods Not Working

So, you installed one of the best mods on your Opera GX browser but they are not working properly. Well, the reason can be anything and we are here to discuss some of the fixes. However, it’s important to know the type of issue first. There are several known issues that might be troubling you. … Read more

Best Opera GX Mods

If you’re a gamer, it’s about time to enhance your browsing experience on Opera GX by installing the right mods. This is because some of the best Opera GX mods can enhance your overall gaming experience and change the way you surf and play games online. There are a variety of mods available and you … Read more

Opera GX AI Prompts

Opera GX, the gaming-oriented web browser introduced AI prompts in its address bar to allow users quickly access AI services. These new AI prompts feature is currently in Early Access and one can try them to shorten or explain articles, generate tweets, and more based on highlighted text. In addition to these AI prompts, Opera … Read more