About our team & mission

People-first content is what we do and browsing is our game. We love surfing the web and we do it all day long, which pretty much makes us experts in our field. Because isn’t hands-on experience what makes or breaks an SME?

Along with an empiric approach, we also bring the following to the table:

  • Curated content, including imagery and videos so that you can replicate troubleshooting steps on your end effortlessly
  • Step-by-step tutorials with digestible instructions that are both accurate and easy to follow
  • Insightful comparisons between key players in the industry (with real benchmark values, and fun tests that we run in-house and share with you exclusively)
  • Valuable reviews and best-of roundups that deliver the real deal, aka unbiased-to-the-core information
  • Intelligible language with decent grammar and tech-only acronyms (no BRBs, LoLs, or such)

You probably guessed it by now, and if not, here’s the only thing you need to know about BrowserHelp – we’re here to help. 🤝

If you’re browsing the web and find yourself wondering how to do this or that on a specific browser, which browser is better for different activities such as streaming, gaming, or anything even remotely connected to online navigation, we’ve probably covered the topic.

And if we didn’t, don’t be shy to drop us a quick line and let us know what is it that you’re pursuing. We’ll be equally quick to deliver, all for the sake of keeping online browsing fun, safe, and private.