Internet Explorer has a feature called InPrivate Browsing. It allows you to browse the Web without leaving a trail of cookies and other information behind. You may be wondering why anyone would want to wipe off their history and delete cookies when they come in handy especially when you have forgotten an important site. Well, … Read more

CCleaner also has incorporated a driver updater and software updater to keep your PC safe from often encountered errors and malfunctioning of specific programs.CCleaner has been downloaded by 122,600 readers this month. Web cookies are small text files that save user-specific data. Tracking cookies are those that track user browsing activity pertaining to websites’ ads. Those types … Read more

How to fix the recover webpage error in Internet Explorer

Some Internet Explorer users have posted on Microsoft’s support forum about a recovery webpage error. That’s a webpage crash that arises for some users when viewing pages in IE. When the issue arises, Internet Explorer provides a recover webpage option to restore the page that crashes. However, clicking the recover webpage option doesn’t always restore the page. Instead, Internet … Read more