How to Stop Firefox From Draining Your PC’s Battery

  • Battery life is a precious commodity, and it seems like we're always looking for ways to stretch it as far as possible. 
  • One of the biggest drains on your laptop's battery is your browser especially if you have multiple tabs open.
  • Firefox being one of the most used browsers in the world also drains your PC’s battery and in this article, we look at ways to minimize the loss.

The Firefox browser is one of the most popular and flexible browsers in the world. Although it is a great browser, it does have its flaws.

One of these is the fact that Firefox battery consumption is high. It’s not that Firefox is particularly bad at this; all browsers will drain your battery if used long enough.

Its open-source nature means that you can customize it to suit your needs, but it also means that sometimes, a little customization goes a long way.

For example, if you have an SSD drive on your computer and use Firefox heavily, you may notice that the browser can tax your hard drive quite a bit. This can cause annoying slowdowns and even drain your laptop’s battery life.

If you have memory issues, you can settle for fast but lightweight browsers to reduce the strain on your system’s resources.

Does Firefox drain your battery?

If you’re getting low on battery life and don’t know why it’s worth checking to see if your browser is the culprit.

Firefox is actually very efficient. In fact, it’s one of the fastest browsers out there when it comes to using less power than other popular browsers. However, even the best browsers out there have their own shortcomings.

You may notice that your laptop or tablet is overheating when you use Firefox. It may also take longer than usual to charge up the device. All these are signs that Firefox is causing your device to use more energy than it should be.

In addition, if you’re running multiple extensions, Firefox may start using more memory than usual which could potentially affect your computer’s performance overall. You need browsers that use less battery.

In the search for a power-efficient browser, you may find yourself asking: What browser drains the least battery? There’s no one browser that promises low battery usage as it all depends on your browsing activity.

However, Opera is a top contender given that it is lightweight and has a sleeping tab feature that saves your battery when other tabs are not in use. Also, if you experience Firefox battery drain on a mac, you can turn on battery saving mode.

It’s also very impressive in terms of performance, being one of the fastest browsers with very low error rates. Plus it leaves room for customization. You can install add-ons, and themes, connect your social media accounts, and more.



Preserve battery life with this energy-efficient browser that integrates everything you need from private mode and a VPN to bookmarking solutions and tons of add-ons.

How do I make Firefox use less battery? 

1. Close unused tabs and windows

When you have a lot of tabs open and leave them running in the background, they continue to use your computer’s resources. If you don’t plan on returning to them anytime soon, then close them so that they don’t continue draining your PC’s battery. 

You can do this by selecting each tab individually and clicking on the X button at the top-right corner of each one. 

2. Close unnecessary plugins and extensions

Plugins add functionality to Firefox, but they can also consume memory and increase battery usage. If you don’t need them, disable them by going to the extensions tab and disabling them. 

You can also uninstall them permanently if it has been a long time since you last used them or you no longer need them.

3. Disable automatic updates

Firefox automatically updates itself with new features, and checks for updates while it is running in the background. This can increase battery usage significantly since the browser must check for updates regularly.

If you don’t need these features and want to save some power, you can disable automatic updates.

4. Disable hardware acceleration

Hardware acceleration is a feature that improves graphics performance by using your computer’s graphics processing unit (GPU) instead of the CPU to run certain tasks. This can cause problems if you have an older computer.

It will be forced to use more battery power than software rendering would require and may make your browser unstable. 

You will experience slowed-down animations on graphic-intensive websites like games or video streaming sites like YouTube and Netflix. Luckily, we have a recommendation of fast browsers for old PCs to make it easier for you.

We hope you now know how to minimize Firefox battery drain using the above tips and your power consumption is now at a healthy balance.

If you face any other issues such as Firefox tabs keep crashing, check out our detailed article on how to resolve the problem.

Let us know of any other additional tips you may have used to stop battery drain from your browser in the comments section below.

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