5 Best Firefox SEO Toolbars to Analyze Websites Fast

  • The best Firefox SEO toolbars will help you improve your website and thus reach higher in Google's ranks.
  • These extensions and add-ons will provide powerful information on traffic, keywords, and website position.
  • Many of the toolbars have various versions for most popular browsers, not only for Firefox.

If you’re an SEO specialist, a blogger, or a business website and you want Google to appreciate your efforts, the best Firefox SEO toolbars will turn the browser into a real powerhouse.

It’s a strong competition out there but Firefox remains one of the top browsers and a lot of users prefer it for its versatility.

That being said, in this article we’re going to outline the best Firefox SEO toolbars and add-ons to get the best out of your website.

What are the best Firefox SEO add-ons and extensions?

1. SEOquake – Fastest SEO extension

If you want to access the key SEO metrics of your website for free, you should definitely consider the SEOQuake extension.

With this tool, you will be able to access information like keyword density, internal and external link analysis, and even social metrics.

Once you install the add-on in Firefox, below each SERP result you will see a SERP overlay with detailed metrics associated with each listing.

Additionally, a sidebar section allows you to export and sort the results from the page.

SEOquake is very easy to install and it’s compatible with several other browsers.

Check out its key features:

  • Fast and simple implementation
  • SERP overlay and detailed metrics
  • Possibility to export all your listings
  • Analyzes keyword density and social metrics

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2. Mangools SEO extension – Best charted results

Everything is easier to comprehend when it’s set nicely in a pleasant graphics mode and Mangools SEO extension delivers very nice charts.

Besides that, you will get all the data including the domain and page authority, citation and trust-flows, Alexa rank, and even referring IPs.

All the information is gathered using the Moz and Majestic tools combined with popularity charts.

An important plus for this extension is the ability to get the top-performing keywords of your competitors.

You will also get a keyword density checker, a broken links checker, and a lot more.

Take a look at its most important features:

  • Integrated Google SERP snippet preview tool
  • Word counter
  • Google Index coverage status check
  • Headings hierarchy check
  • Integrated Page Speed checker tool

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3. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar – Most comprehensive metrics

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar is one of the best SEO add-ons out there because it combines an on-page checker with a redirect tracer and link highlighter.

However, it also provides a broken link checker and a country changer for search results.

When you’re visiting a web page, just click on the add-on icon from the browser to open the SEO report.

You will instantly get the indexability and crawlability of the page, the word count, social tags, and the whole structure of the content.

Also, with Ahrefs SEO Toolbar it’s easy to check the HTTP response headers for the URLs you visit.

Let’s review its top features below:

  • Visualize Robots Meta Tags, X-Robots-Tag, and canonical tags
  • Get Open Graph Tags and Twitter Cards
  • Read all the outgoing links on a page and highlight them based on the filters that you set
  • For JS-powered websites, you can compare tags in raw HTML and on the rendered version
  • Friendly and easy to use by anyone

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4. Woorank SEO Analysis – Great website review

If you’re really up to improving your website to outrank the competition, Woorank’s SEO Analysis extension is right on the spot.

And that is because it will tell you all about how to improve your pages in the most comprehensive and friendly way.

The tool simply reviews the site’s accessibility, readability, usability, and findability so you will know exactly what to do to improve it.

Woorank’s extension also analyzes search engine optimization, mobile-friendliness, backlinks, and even social media.

The extension is absolutely free to use by anyone, without any account sign-up, activation, or permissions.

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Keywords are the most important SEO element and Keywords Everywhere is the ultimate add-on to dig them up.

It is a free keyword research tool that will highlight the keyword search volume, CPC, and the competition from more than 15 sources.

They include Google Analytics, Ubersuggest, GSC, Majestic and Mos, YouTube, Amazon, AnswerthePublic, eBay, Etsy, Bing, and more.

But it also displays the SEO difficulty metrics, trend chart, related keywords, PAA questions, trending keywords, and long-tails in widgets on the right pane of Google.

The basic tool is free but it is also available a paid version that also provides historical data and more.

Take a look at some of its key features:

  • Displays monthly search volume, and CPC
  • Access the estimated organic traffic and the top 5000 keywords for all pages and websites on Google
  • View the Search Insights widget, SERP Metrics, Video Insights, as well as the Tags widget on YouTube
  • Provides a HashTag Generator on Instagram
  • View the Search Insights widget, Trend Chart, Related Trends, Pin topics finder on Pinterest

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We conclude here our list of the best Firefox SEO toolbars and extensions to improve your website.

Now you need to try them yourself to find out which of the tools is better for your requirements.

You might also consider our selection of the best local SEO software for your PC for other interesting suggestions.

Whether you’ve tested the add-ons or want to recommend better ones, we wait for your insights in the comments section.

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