Fix: Border Radius Not Working in Firefox [3 Solutions]

  • Web developers can adjust the border radius property in Firefox using dev tools. Some users have encountered issues with this property not working.
  • Users can alter the border radius to create elements with round or elliptical edges in Firefox.
  • Ensure all of the code and syntax are correct and updated by referring to Mozilla's web developer reference.

Firefox offers dev tools and a Developer Edition of the browser for users familiar with programming and code. However, users have encountered errors with the border radius not working in Firefox. Keep reading for our quick solutions to this issue.

Users report the border radius CSS works fine for browsers like Chrome and Opera, but have issues with it not working in Firefox even though it is a compatible browser.

What does the border radius property do?

The border radius CSS property allows users to round element corners and customize them to their liking. The border radius applies to the entire background and has up to four length or percentage values, one for each corner. Users can adjust these values to get elliptical corners.

Firefox border radius.

Users can alter the percentage value to adjust the dimensions of the border box. The border radius CSS is compatible with most browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

How can I fix border radius not working in Firefox?

1. Double-check the code

Double check the code to make sure everything was entered properly, and the syntax is correct. Firefox’s developer page provides helpful references for CSS properties including border radius code and syntax. Users can easily copy and paste the code to make sure it’s exact.

If you have a -moz or -webkit prefix, then you may encounter errors with Firefox 13 and newer as the latest versions of browsers now use CSS3 syntax. If you are using prefixed code, also add code without the prefix.

Also, if the syntax is off then you will have issues, refer to Firefox’s syntax reference to double-check.

Firefox border radius not working.

2. Check for Beta updates

If using the Beta version of Firefox, check for any Beta updates. Firefox Beta allows users to test out future versions of the browser and report any bugs or feedback.

Mozilla regularly releases notes on for the beta on their website, so checking those may also provide a solution. Here users can see if there are any reported bugs or if there are any changes made.

Firefox Beta release notes.

3. Input individual values

Users report that Firefox does not return borderRadius the same as other browsers, which is why the code works in Chrome but not Firefox. Firefox does not support getPropertyValue on getComputedStyle of shorthand properties.

Input individual values to fix firefox border radius.

Many users report needing to input a value for each corner of the element for the border radius to work in Firefox.

Check out our recommendations for the best coding browser extensions to take programming to the next level. We hope one of the above solutions worked for you.

This is an ongoing issue, so if you have another suggestion on how to fix border radius not working in Firefox, let us know in the comments.

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