Opera→ Export Bookmarks to New Computer/Browser Effortlessly

  • When you export bookmarks from Opera, you have to get the whole HTML file.
  • Then, when importing it into another browser, you can select which bookmarks you keep and which you remove.
  • For easier management, you can even use an Opera export bookmarks extension.

Bookmarking your favorite pages and web resources for later use or study is pretty handy especially if you want to avoid cluttering too many tabs in one window. Or not to lose important information, for that matter.

One of the details that make users think twice when switching or adopting a new browser is the fear of losing their bookmarks.

To respond to that need, browser developers have implemented easy options for importing or exporting bookmarks. So, where does Opera stand?

Can I export bookmarks from Opera?

First things first, though, if you haven’t tried Opera yet, don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity.



Keep using Opera to add to your everyday productivity target.

Now, if you’re looking for a way to transfer your bookmarks from this browser, you’ll be pleased to know there are many ways to do it.

In fact, you can export bookmarks only, bookmarks and passwords, cookies, and all data from Opera, to be honest.

The process is just as versatile as the components, thus you can choose to export bookmarks from Opera to Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and other browsers directly.

If you wish to export Opera bookmarks to a new computer or an entirely different device such as an Android phone, let’s say, you will enjoy the HTML file method.

We’ll show you exactly how to export opera bookmarks to another computer, so read on.

How do I export all my bookmarks from Opera?

  1. From the Opera side menu bar, select Bookmarks under Opera Tools.
  2. Select Open full page as Bookmarks view from the dropdown menu.
  3. Locate the Import/Export menu and use the side arrow to select Export bookmarks.
  4. You’ll be able to save your bookmarks as an .HTML file. Name it as you wish and save it in a preferred location.
  5. The next step would be to import this file into your browsers of choice by following a similar pattern, only choosing an Import option.

The bookmark Import/Export process is quite similar in all browsers. What differs is perhaps only where are Opera bookmarks stored.

A more direct way in Opera is to open the browser and type the following URL, which will take you straight into the bookmarks menu: opera://bookmarks

If your bookmarks folder has become too hard to manage, consider using a bookmark organizer. They conveniently come in several versions compatible with more browsers.

If you’re looking for a good Opera export bookmarks extension, we recommend you try V7 Bookmarks or Bookmarks Import & Export, both being available on the Opera Addons page.

This way, you will order your bookmarks in various customizable categories, for easier access and use.

Finally, when it comes to Opera GX export history, the process is fairly similar. So, you can apply the same steps if you want to know how to export bookmarks from opera GX effortlessly.

We hope that this article was helpful. Don’t hesitate to look into our Opera section for more useful tips on working in this amazing browser.

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