How to Customize Google Chrome using New Side Panel

  1. Customizing Google Chrome becomes easier with the new side panel.
  2. Change the look of Google Chrome as per your style and liking.
  3. Choose from a bunch of interesting themes and colors.

You can customize Google Chrome on Windows with a multitude of options available to match your preferences perfectly. You can change the background color, apply a new theme, upload images, rearrange shortcuts, and do a lot more.

Now, Google has updated the settings to allow real-time viewing of changes made to the browser. Previously, clicking on the ‘Customization Setting’ bubble provided on the homepage would open a new window allowing you to change the settings. Google has now changed the way you access Chrome customization options.

Clicking on the ‘Customization setting’ option now opens a new side panel where you can see the modifications happening in the real-time.

The new setting makes personalization effortless and satisfying as you can check the look and feel of your browser while tweaking the settings.

How do I change the look of Chrome browser on desktop?

You can personalize the Google Chrome browser as per your preference or style directly from the new side panel. There are several ways using which you can change the current style of your browser.

You can pick a color scheme, change the theme, choose your fonts, group tabs, select an avatar, customize the New Tab page, rearrange shortcuts, and so on.

You can further maximize your browsing experience by disabling the journeys feature on Google Chrome.

By default, Google Chrome offers a white classic theme, which might appear mundane or stale. This is when you can add some colors to it or change the theme for a complete overhaul.  

How can I customize Google Chrome using new side panel?

The new side panel makes changing the themes or background colors of Google Chrome easier. It is a better way to see how they will show up on your New Tab as you make changes.

  1. Just click on the New Tab and look for the ‘Edit’ or ‘Customize Chrome’ icon provided in the bottom right corner of the window.
Customize Google Chrome
  1. Click on the icon and a new side panel named ‘Appearance’ with all the customization options will appear.
  2. Choose the ‘Change theme’ tab to change the theme of your browser, or simply select the colors provided below the tab to change the background colors.
Change Chrome look

As soon as you pick a theme or select a color, they will appear on the New Tab. This allows you to view these changes in real-time.

To change the theme –

  1. Select the ‘Change theme’ tab and a bunch of available themes will appear in the same side panel. You can choose from ‘Native American Artists,’ ‘LGBTQ Artists,’ and ‘Latino Artists Collection,’ and so on.
Change Chrome browser theme
  1. Select the theme that aligns best with your style or preference. You can also select ‘Chrome colors,’ or ‘upload an image,’ in case you want to add a personal touch to your browsing experience.
  2. Scroll down to click on Chrome web store, in case you want to try any new theme.

Manage shortcuts Google Chrome customization option

Under the same panel, you can also change the way shortcuts appear on the new tab window.

  1. Switch the toggle ‘Show shortcuts’ ON, if you wish the shortcuts to appear in the New Tab.
customize shortcuts on Google Chrome
  1. Select between, ‘My shortcuts’ and ‘Most visited sites’ shortcut options as per your liking.

You can also click on the drop-down menu provided in the side panel and click on Bookmarks in case you wish to take a look at all your saved bookmarks. You should so discover the benefits of hiding bookmarks while browsing incognito on Chrome.

The new customize Chrome feature is pretty easier to use as it’s handy. The new feature has arrived a bit late but it’s more user-friendly than before. It allows the users to customize certain aspects of the browser to their liking in no time.