How to Hide Incognito Bookmarks in Chrome

  • Chrome's private browsing mode, Incognito mode, allows users to browse without remembering site data and history, displaying bookmarks by default.
  • There is a keyboard shortcut to toggle the Bookmarks Bar on and off quickly; however, bookmarks will always be displayed on New Tab Pages.
  • Users can install extensions that keep bookmarks in Incognito mode separate from regular bookmarks.

Chrome Incognito mode allows users to privately surf the web without saving data like browser history and cookies. However, bookmarks are still visible in Incognito mode and any bookmarks saved while browsing privately will be remembered.

Bookmarks made in Incognito mode are not separate from bookmarks made in normal browsing mode; however, some extensions can password protect Incognito bookmarks.

Keep reading to find out how to quickly and easily hide bookmarks made in Incognito mode in Google Chrome.

Do I get my bookmarks even if I bookmark in Incognito?

All bookmarks made in Incognito mode in Chrome are saved. This also includes any bookmark preferences or settings that may have been changed while in Incognito mode.

Bookmarks Bar in Incognito mode.

Can you temporarily hide bookmarks? A quick keyboard shortcut will hide your Bookmarks Bar in Chrome. Press Ctrl + Shift + B on Windows or Cmd + Shift + B on Mac to toggle Bookmarks on or off. However, this feature does not work on a New Tabs Page for normal and Incognito browsing.

How do I hide Incognito bookmarks in Chrome?

1. Right-click on Bookmarks Bar

  1. Open Chrome and click on the three dots in the top right corner. Click the three dots to open Chrome's menu.
  2. Select New Incognito Window. Open new Incognito window.
  3. Visit any website and right-click on the Bookmarks Bar.
  4. Click on Show Bookmarks Bar. Select Show bookmarks bar to hide your bookmarks.

Keep in mind that when you open a new tab, the Bookmarks Bar will be visible until you visit a website.

2. Disable Bookmarks Bar in settings

  1. Open Chrome and click the three dots in the top right corner.
  2. Select Settings. Click on Settings.
  3. Click Appearance. Click on appearance.
  4. Toggle Show bookmarks bar to off. Toggle Show bookmarks bar to turn off or on.

Adjusting this setting in normal mode will also affect the setting in Incognito mode and vice versa.

3. Install a bookmark extension

If you want to keep the bookmarks created in Incognito mode separate from standard Chrome, you’ll need to install an extension.

Hush is an extension that encrypts private bookmarks so they can only be accessed using a password. Hush only works in Incognito mode and keeps bookmarks made while private browsing secure.

Get Hush

Remember that Incognito mode does not provide total anonymity, for a truly secure browsing experience, we recommend using a VPN with private browsing.

Now you should know how to hide your bookmarks in Incognito mode. Let us know in the comments if you run into any issues or bugs.

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