Camino browser: How to download & continue using it

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Camino browser: Here’s everything you need to know
Camino browser: Here’s everything you need to know

Using the most secure browser became mandatory, especially for those of you who want to get a secure experience and protect your online traffic from any data breaches.

The browser market is currently dominated by several major web browsers, but that wasn’t always the case.

Camino browser was quite popular on macOS, being preferred by tons of worldwide users, but there are a few aspects you should also consider.

In today’s article, we’re going to present everything you need to know about this browser.

What is the Camino browser?

Camino browser is a web browser based on Mozilla’s Gecko engine. The browser was first released in 2002 and it was a macOS exclusive.

Sadly, the browser was officially discontinued in 2012 and manufacturers are strongly encouraging users to upgrade to a more modern browser.

They reported increasingly lagging behind the fast pace of changes on the web. Plus, because the browser was not receiving security updates, it became unsafe to use it on a daily basis.

Fortunately, Mac users have many more browsers to choose from than they did when Camino started ten years ago.

What was making Camino so special?

Regarding the features, Camino had an autocomplete feature in its address bar, so you could easily find any website that you need.

When it comes to tab management, the browser had a Tab Overview feature that would allow you to see all your opened tabs at a glance.

The browser was safe and it had malware and phishing protection built-in. Camino also had a built-in pop-up, ads, and Flash blocker.

As for security, it’s important to mention that the browser had Keychain support, so it would save all your passwords securely on your Mac.

Even if all of these features were great, you can always find a better option, that will come up with much more interesting characteristics and we’re going to show you the best solution on the market.

What is the Camino browser alternative?

Almost any modern web browser will be a great alternative to Camino, but if you want a secure and fast web browser, then Opera might be the right choice for you.

This browser is available on all major desktop and mobile platforms, including macOS and iOS. Syncing feature is available, so your browsing data will be synced across all devices.

Regarding security, there’s built-in tracking protection as well as free and unlimited VPN for an extra layer of privacy.

Of course, a built-in ad blocker is also there, so you won’t have to deal with ads ever again. The browser is based on the Chromium engine, and it fully works with Chrome extensions.

It’s worth mentioning that Opera is fast and light, and it won’t use too much of your resources. If you’re looking for a new web browser, Opera is the best way to go.

Check out the best features of this browser:

  • Compatible with both macOS and iOS
  • Built-in tracking protection
  • Unlimited VPN
  • Easy to use and fully customizable


Best alternative whenever you have issues with the Camino browser.

How can I download and install Opera on Mac?

  1. Open Safari.
  2. Navigate to the Opera official website.
  3. Click on the Download Opera button.
  4. In the Opera installer window, click on Open.
  5. Choose to Install the browser.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Camino browser had a fair share of unique features, but since the browser isn’t developed anymore, it’s advised to switch to Opera or any performant browser like Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

However, if we were in your shoes, we would definitely go for Opera, as it offers tons of amazing features that will generate a pleasant online experience.