5 Best Browsers for KaiOS: All our Picks are the Safest

  • KaiOS was developed in 2017 as an operating system for low to mid-level cellphones.
  • The operating system supports different applications but comes with limited features compared to its competitors.
  • Just like other operating systems, you can run some popular browsers on the KaiOS platform, but not all of them are the safest.

KaiOS is a mobile operating system developed in 2017 for low to mid-level smartphones that lack touch screen capabilities.

The operating system is based on the Firefox OS, which is an open-source project. Does this make Mozilla Firefox the best browser for KaiOS?

With this operating system, you can run some of the applications developed for other operating systems such as Android and iOS. Some of the applications include games, messaging applications, and browsers among others. 

You can find KaiOS on some budget and legacy phone brands such as Alcatel, Energizer, CAT, and Nokia, among others.

The OS comes with a KaiStore where you can download popular applications such as Google Maps, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Google Duo, among others.

Does KaiOS have a web browser?

KaiOS comes with its browser, known as the KaiOS browser. The home page of this browser features your history, top sites, and a search bar.

You can use the search bar just like any other browser while the top sites show you the commonly visited websites. History shows your browsing history, of course, sorted by time.

Does KaiOS supports Firefox?

KaiOS has been using an old browser engine based on Firefox 48. This browser has not been developed any further since 2016 after the development of the B2G/Firefox operating system.

Fortunately, KaiOS and Mozilla announced a collaboration that is intended to help the mobile OS update their browser engine. This means that the KaiOS web browser is based on the Firefox browser.

Can KaiOS be hacked?

Applications running in the KaiOS operating system are web-based. This means that they are programs written in CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, and other web technologies. 

This means that there are no binary or native applications that can be installed by the cell phone user. Access to the system is done through web APIs (Applications Programming Interfaces).

Accessing the file system also goes through the web APIs as well as a backend SQLite database. This makes it difficult to hack KaiOS. However, some users have reported success in flashing the operating system.

What is the best web browser for KaiOS?

1. Opera Mini – Best personal browser

Opera is one of the best personal browsers for millions of people across the globe. It is also the fasted and comes with less processing capacity compared to other browsers.

With Opera, you get a free integrated VPN and a built-in ad blocker to help you load your pages faster. This is one of the best browsers for KaiOS.

Get Opera Mini

2. KaiOS Browser – Great features included

best browser for kaios - KaiOS browser

KaiOS also comes with its own browser known as the KaiOS Browser. As discussed above, the homepage of this browser resembles some of the most popular browsers we have for mobile phones.

In addition, it comes with other features such as the ability to zoom in or out, scroll mode and cursor mode, go to top/end, and pin apps on the menu.

However, this browser comes pre-installed on the KaiOS device.

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3. K-Pocket Browser – Best for offline use

best browser for kaios k-pocket

The K-Pocket browser provides you with a reader view mode. It parses HTML text and returns the main text as well as titles.

This means that you do not get footers, ads, navigation bars, and anything else that does not make up the main body of your text. You can also save content for offline usage without internet access.

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4. UC Browser – First third-party browser for KaiOS

best browser for kaios UC browser

UC Browser was the first third-party mobile browser to be released for KaiOS. The browser has been running on other operating systems for years and is developed by UCWeb from Alibaba.

You can easily download UC Browser from the KaiOS store. The installation process is easy and straightforward. It only takes a few seconds.

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5. Firefox – Best for older devices

Mozilla Firefox comes last on our list here because you have to look for the older versions of this browser for it to work on your KaiOS device.

If you have issues with any of the options discussed above – which is highly unlikely – then look for the older versions from 48 and before for KaiOS.

Get Firefox

Does KaiOS have a future?

KaiOS might have a future especially after Mozilla started supporting it in 2020. Mozilla is officially supporting the operating system, and its updates have already started rolling out to KaiOS.

However, Google, which is one of the biggest tech giants when it comes to mobile applications, has stopped supporting some of its applications such as Voice typing on Google Assistant. This might end up affecting KaiOS.

How many KaiOS users are there?

Approximately 160 million devices are running KaiOS in the world. Out of these, about 100 million users are active. A bigger percentage of these users are from India, using the famous Jiophones in the country.

In conclusion, KaiOS was seen as one of the operating systems to give Android a run for its money.

This is because it targeted and still targets cheaper cell phones that can be afforded by the majority of people in the world.

However, this might not come to pass anytime soon since the other operating systems are doing everything they can to outshine each other.

You might also be interested in checking our selection of the best browsers to use on old and slow PCs.

If you have any other suggestions or want to share your experience, use the comments section below.

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