best browsers to access busy websites

Are you looking for the best browser to access busy websites with high traffic? Then you are at the right place. You may often come across a situation when you click on a website URL and the page opens to an error code. The good news is, that there are a few browsers that can … Read more

If you are using the Brave browser, you are in luck because it is dedicated to stopping the barrage of ads and trackers that we are all hit with every day. Most browsers offer plugins and extensions that block the ads. However, even if you use an Adblocker, many sites have a way of bypassing … Read more

If you’re into the world of cryptocurrency, you probably have heard of MetaMask. However, MetaMask is a crypto wallet that interacts with the Ethereum blockchain for the uninitiated. It stores whatever you have on the Ethereum blockchain and keeps it there for safe keeping. It can store and manage accounts key, send cryptocurrencies on the … Read more

Wanting to get a piece of the streaming pie, the multinational movie studio Paramount Global launched its on-demand streaming service known as Paramount+ (also referred to as Paramount Plus). Paramount Plus is an excellent streaming service for its massive library on par with Disney Plus and low price. It’s one of the more affordable services, … Read more

Internet Explorer has a feature called InPrivate Browsing. It allows you to browse the Web without leaving a trail of cookies and other information behind. You may be wondering why anyone would want to wipe off their history and delete cookies when they come in handy especially when you have forgotten an important site. Well, … Read more

If you didn’t know, Starlink is a fascinating internet service owned and operated by SpaceX. It provides internet access to 32 countries across the world on four continents. SpaceX does this by having thousands of low orbiting satellites as a constellation above the Earth. The internet provided via Starlink is a low-latency and high bandwidth … Read more

Adobe is a well-known software company that changed how creating art on a computer was done forever. Photoshop alone changed how people talk about editing images because it was so revolutionary. Now people often refer to editing images as Photoshopping them. Of course, there are other noteworthy apps like Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and the … Read more

While the majority of users are happy with the dedicated Edge extensions, there are some who actually got headaches using some of the buggy add-ons. AdBlock Plus is by far the most popular extension for Microsoft Edge, but it still has to be polished to work flawlessly. So far, that’s not the case: both AdBlock’s and … Read more

When using the Google Chrome browser on an iPhone, you may encounter the Sign-in error 206. The error occurs when trying to access a website and then shows a login screen. This error can occur for several reasons, including when the user does not provide complete Gmail account information or a bug after updating Chrome. … Read more

CCleaner also has incorporated a driver updater and software updater to keep your PC safe from often encountered errors and malfunctioning of specific programs.CCleaner has been downloaded by 122,600 readers this month. Web cookies are small text files that save user-specific data. Tracking cookies are those that track user browsing activity pertaining to websites’ ads. Those types … Read more