Feature image enhanced authentication plugin not working firefox.

The VMware Enhanced Authentication Plug-in is a vSphere 6.5 release that replaced the Client Integration Plug-in which provides Windows Authentication and smart card functions. However, users report errors with the Enhanced Authentication Plug-in not working in Firefox. Users claim to have installed the plug-in, but it won’t show up in Firefox and there is still … Read more

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Feature image for Remote Browser Isolation.

As technology and the internet gets more advanced, so do the threats that come with it. With so much of our lives and personal information on the web, it’s necessary to have air-tight security to keep it safe. Keep reading to learn more about Remote Browser Isolation and how it works. Website and PC security … Read more

Feature image best browsers for Jitsi.

Jitsi is a free voice and video conferencing software that’s open-source and compatible with web browsers for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Keep reading for our picks for the best browsers for Jitsi meetings that are fully supported. Does Jitsi work in browser? It’s recommended that users use the software in-browser. Jitsi supports Chromium-based browsers, Firefox, … Read more

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The Airtel Xstream Box is a DTH box that turns any TV into a Smart TV with built-in apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and more. Here are our picks for the best browsers for Airtel Xstream Box. Smart TVs don’t usually come with a browser pre-installed, and many app stores for smart TVs … Read more

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ADP is the largest HR firm in the world and hundreds of thousands of companies rely on its services for employee payrolls and taxes. ADP isn’t compatible with every browser, so here are our picks for the best five browsers for ADP. While most browsers offer security protection features, a VPN is the best way … Read more

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