Feature image enhanced authentication plugin not working firefox.

VMware Enhanced Authentication Plugin not working issues are unfortunately not uncommon. You can stumble across them on pretty much any modern browser from Chrome to Firefox, Edge, and so on. The theory is simple. This is a vSphere 6.5 release that provides Windows Authentication and smart card functions. However, users report errors. They claim to … Read more

How do I get rid of incorrect autofill on Chrome [Easy Guide]

If you want to delete autofill Chrome entries, you’re in the right place. We’ll show you how to remove unwanted suggestions en masse or only delete specific ones, as per your needs. Like many other modern web browsers, Chrome uses a data feature to show all recent inputs. This allows you to see all your previous entries and … Read more

Feature image for how to hide bookmarks in Chrome Incognito.

Chrome’s Incognito mode allows users to privately surf the web without saving data like browser history and cookies. But can you bookmark in Incognito? As a matter of fact, you can. Bookmarks are still visible in Incognito and any bookmarks saved while browsing privately will be remembered. But when privacy kicks in, one might want … Read more

How to export bookmarks from the Opera browser

Bookmarking your favorite pages and web resources for later use or study is pretty handy especially if you want to avoid cluttering too many tabs in one window. Or not to lose important information, for that matter. One of the details that make users think twice when switching or adopting a new browser is the fear of losing … Read more

Feature image how to download videos with UC Browser.

UC Browser is an alternative browser that offers fast and easy downloading features. Please keep reading for tips on downloading videos with UC Browser quickly. With a simple interface, users can easily explore all the features UC Browser offers, including the video and file downloader that allows users to save their favorite videos online. Does … Read more

most used web apps

We all know the meaning of the word popular, but what is a web app? If you want to know what are some common web applications, this is your lucky day. A web app is a type of program that runs natively on an operating system. You can download it or access it online with … Read more

Which browser has best privacy

The main difference between Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Brave is tightly connected to the platform on which you install and use each browser on a daily basis. While Safari clearly falls behind on Windows, it excels on Macintosh machines due to its flawless integration with the entire Apple ecosystem. Meanwhile, Brave has superior features in … Read more

How do I enable Bitwarden extension

Bitwarden is a password management service that saves essential information, like login credentials, into an encrypted vault. There are different versions to suit various needs. But Bitwarden extension not working instances are not unheard of. Going down the list, there’s a Bitwarden mobile app, desktop app, web browser interface, command-line interface, and the topic of … Read more

How do I know my browser is secure?

Having optimal security settings on your web browser is essential when browsing the internet. What’s more, numerous applications rely on a web browser or elements of it to function. Therefore, apps or browser extensions may try to enhance your browsing experience by adding new features. But, many modern browsers come with built-in security features. You … Read more