5 Best AI Chrome Extensions You Have to Try

  • AI extensions lets you use AI features on your favorite browsers.
  • Install them and watch getting your work done in no time.
  • Generate email responses, summarize pdfs, videos, and more.

More and more browsers are integrating AI-driven services and hosting several AI-powered extensions to help you automate certain tasks. The most popular browser Chrome is no different and it lets you install AI extensions to supercharge your productivity at work.

Although AI search engines perform various tasks, web browsers that have AI capabilities also offer significant benefits.

➡️ The latest Opera One browser is one such example that integrates generative AI features, including AI prompts, as well as quick access to ChatGPT and ChatSonic in its sidebar. The AI prompts are enabled by default and they suggest users shorten the article, create a tweet, and more.

Browsers are bringing several built-in features but this doesn’t fade away the importance of extensions. There are several extensions and plugins available in the web store that can offer you more and save you time and effort.

How do I use AI features on Chrome browser?

Popular AI tools like Microsoft Copilot and Google Workspace are not available to everyone. This is when free AI extensions come into play to enable AI features on the Chrome browser. They help you accelerate your daily work in this fast-paced world.

Chrome lets you install Artificial Intelligence extensions from its web store so that you could use the AI features right from the browser. You just have to download the right one for your requirement. We have compiled a list of the best AI extensions so that you don’t have to roam around to pick the right one.

We recommend some of the necessary AI extensions to install on your Chrome browser. They make your day-to-day tasks simpler. For instance, you can use an extension to write an email response, transcribe a meeting, summarize a video, pdf, and so on.

Is there an AI extension available for Chrome?

Yes, there are so many AI-powered extensions available on Chrome browser, which you can install from its web store. All the AI extensions recommended here are free to install.

Just choose the right one from our list and boost your productivity. It is worth mentioning that you should sign in to your Chrome browser to get started because several AI extensions would require sign-in using Google. So, just fix the issue if you’ve trouble signing in on the Chrome browser.

1. superReply – Email reply generator

superReply Chrome AI extension

superReply is an intelligent AI email composer extension designed to craft professional email responses effortlessly. Currently compatible with Gmail and Outlook, the extension requires signing in with your Google account.

Once the extension is installed, sign in with Google. Then, go to your Gmail/Outlook account and hover over any email to initiate the process. You will notice a small superReply icon appearing beside the subject line. Click on the logo to begin.

Moreover, when you open an email you wish to respond to, you’ll notice a tab below the message. Click on the tab to allow the extension to generate relevant replies on behalf of you. You just have to set the tone and let the extension do the rest for you.

You can select ‘Matching’ tone if you want your email response to sound similar to the sender’s email. Similarly, you can choose from Business, Casual, and Empower. You can also select ‘Not Interested’ tone in case you want to decline.

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2. Merlin AI Chatbot – Enables ChatGPT everywhere

Merlin AI Chrome Extension

This AI extension enables ChatGPT everywhere on every website. You just have to press Cmd/Cntrl+M or click on the installed extension on your Chrome browser to get started.

This Chrome AI extension not only answers your queries, but also summarizes videos, articles, pdfs, and more. It shows responses from ChatGPT alongside Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Baidu, and other search engines. It can also translate any text into multiple languages. It can provide you YouTube or blog summary.

You can also generate blog summaries, write content, and generate emails using this ChatGPT API-powered extension. There are also ChatGPT browser extensions available, which you can try.

Install Merlin AI extension on Chrome

3. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT – AI Chrome extension to transcribe videos

YouTube summary Chrome extension

As the name implies, this free AI extension for Chrome generates a summary of any YouTube video. It’s suitable for people who do not have time to watch the entire video. They can just install this extension to get the transcript of the video. And needless to mention, it can summarize the YouTube video too.

The extension is pretty helpful for individuals with hearing impairments. Additionally, quick transcription also helps in a better understanding of subjects. Students can take notes and revisit key points as well. The extension also connects with ChatGPT and unlocks more features.

Get YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

4. WebChatGPT – ChatGPT Chrome extension

WebChatGPT extension

Up until now, you might have tried the ChatGPT and observed that this language model doesn’t have access to real-time data. This means it can’t serve you answers from the events happening currently or happened in the recent past. This is where the AI Chrome extension WebChatGPT comes in to enable real-time searches.

Yes, one can search the same on search engines rather. But, WebChatGPT produces conversational interactions just like ChatGPT but it has the ability to refer to web search results as well.

ChatGPT can't produce real-time results

Take for instance, if you ask ChatGPT “Can you tell me what Google announced at its recently held I/O event?” it will not be able to produce relevant information because its knowledge only extends up until September 2021. At the same time WebChatGPT Chrome extension will produce information and also links to suitable web pages for more information.

WebChatGPT Chrome extension

The extension is helpful when you’re already enjoying using the ChatGPT for quick responses but don’t want to leave the window for real-time searches.

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5. Monica – Your companion everywhere

Monica AI Chrome extension

This is another AI Chrome extension that is powered by ChatGPT. Once installed, this AI Copilot will follow you everywhere, even when you’re searching for something on Google or writing a blog post on any web platform.

While writing any blog post, you can select a particular sentence, and shortcuts to Monica AI Chrome extension will appear to let you summarize the text, improve it, or check for grammar. You can instruct the extension to write a more compelling or persuading text. You can also take the help of the extension to add more details to your post.

Monica is one of the best AI Chrome extensions that does the maximum. It has a list of ‘Quick Actions’ with the help of which you can translate any selected text, rewrite for clarity, expand it further, generate Q&A, and more. You can copy the generated text or simply add it to the memo as notes. Monica can also generate related questions when you’re searching on Google, thus exposing you to more information.

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So, these were our top AI extension recommendations. You can install them on your Chrome browser to get started.